Dream Light

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  • Balance the body’s response to stress
  • Ease into your nighttime ritual
  • Made without dairy, gluten, nuts, or sugar
  • Vegan and only 5 calories

What will I feel?

Euphorics feel different for everyone. Think of them like a thermostat: they turn us up or calm us down depending on what we need to rebalance and enjoy our surroundings.

Serene Relaxation

Wind down body and quiet your mind

Less Stress

To support deep sleep through the night

Clear Mornings

Wake up restored and ready for the day

How does it taste?

Earthy, smoky, and smoothly spiced. Hints of oak, clove, and cinnamon pair well with your favorite milk — we prefer oat.

What’s inside?



Plants that help the body resist stress


Supplements that can help calm the mind and send the signal to start easing into sleep


Functional plants that benefit the body